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Actor Saka Prays For Fans As He Tells The Story Behind His 34-Years-Old OAU Matric Photo (photos)


Nigerian actor Oyetoro Hafiz has revealed the real tale behind his matriculation portrait from 1986 at OAU. The actor said that the suit he wore that day was a gift from his roommate Saka, and then prayed for his followers, asking God to meet them where they are in need.

Oyetoro Hafiz, better known by his stage as Saka, has uploaded a throwback shot from his time as a student at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife. Saka stated that the shot was taken during his matriculation ceremony in 1986. The actor, who was moved by the 34-year-old photograph, told the story behind it.

He claimed that he slept dejectedly in his dorm on the day of his matriculation because he had no material to wear for the ceremony. Fortunately, his roommate stepped in and offered him his suit.

Read his full story below:

“I look at this picture and tears of joy freely flow down my cheeks. It was taken on my matric day in 1986 at UNIFE now OAU. Ealier in the day I stood forlorn and downcast. The university was agog with matriculation celebration which I had no hope of attending because I had no suits or any befitting clothes for the occasion. “Then he tapped me gently on my shoulder and woke me from the stream of sorrow.

“Hello Hafiz are you not attending matriculation?” he asked. I looked up, I was speechless. I looked at myself disdainfully. Then he said “I understand don’t worry I will borrow you my suit. I hope it’s your size.” In my mind I asked my self, “what if it’s not my size?

“Then another voice inside me shouted “Hafiz! Will you follow him and collect the suit, you think you have a choice? Does size matter at this moment?” and I thought about it then I answered “it doesn’t matter.” The voice said “collect the stuff jo MUMU” Yes the voice in me was right. I was ready to wear any size. Moment later I came out well dressed and ready to mingle with my mates. I wish I could see that my roommate now to say thank you.”



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