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Actor Yomi Fabiyi takes photos on mum’s grave amidst being dragged for staging publicity stunt with Baba Suwe’s


Actor Yomi Fabiyi has shared photos of him posing for the camera beside his mother’s grave alongside some people believed to be his family members.

This is coming days after netizens dragged him for staging a publicity stunt with Baba Suwe’s grave after he stormed there with four camerapersons like it was a movie set.

Taking to his Instagram page to share photos of his visit to his mother’s grave, Yomi Fabiyi said he cries a river every time he thinks of the day the mother died.

Yomi Fabiyi added that it had been four years since the demise of his mother, but it’s still fresh in his memory.

Taking to his Instagram page to share a photo of himself and his mother, Yomi Fabiyi noted that nothing could replace his mother in his heart or the love he has for her.

Speaking further, Yomi Fabiyi said he still feels his mother’s love and protection till date, adding that he had frequently benefitted from his mother’s good deeds to others.

In his word: On this day in 2018 you left us MUM. Nothing can ever replace you in my heart or the love I have for you. You are my SMALL god. On a good day, mothers should clock 90 or so before death can strike. Mothers suffer too much on kids, spouses, family, heartbreaks etc this cause some to leave earlier because of all these and denying them chance to full enjoyment to the fruit of their labours. But I can’t question God.

I feel your motherly love and protection everyday till now. I have benefit from your good deeds to other people when alive. Some extreme dangers, blackmails, lies, evils and battles you keep fighting and saving me from. I love you maami, continue to REST IN POWER. Abiyamo toto. Truly, oku olomo o kin sun



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