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Any Love That Doesn’t Involve Giving Is [email protected] – Pastor Ibiyeomie


The founder of Salvation Ministry, David Ibiyeomie, has proclaimed that persons who profess love for others but do not back it up with financial or other valued gifts are not real lovers.

The cleric, speaking at a church-sponsored event to commemorate Valentine’s Day in 2022, argued that all genuine loves entail giving and sacrifices.

Pastor Ibiyeomie made the assertion in relation to church offerings and tithes, claiming that individuals who struggle to provide money to the church do not love God.

The renowned clergyman, who claims to be a pathological lover and giver, disclosed that in 2021, he spent over N400 billion on charity, emphasizing that he donates 80 percent of his earnings.

He said, “Any love that doesn’t involve giving is fake. If anybody ever told you “I love you” and cannot give you something, cancel that love. It is not a genuine love. The best way to prove love is giving.

“If someone says I love you but struggles to give you something, not only money but his or her time, it is a sign that the person doesn’t love you. Someone who cannot go extra miles with you, does not love you.

“Every love has giving involved. Anyone who struggles to give God money does not live him. Everybody why criticize men of God for preaching giving is stingy.

“I spent over N400b on charity last year from my own money not church account to train people I don’t know. I spend 80% of my money I’m giving”.



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