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“Ask Your Father”- Nigerians Tell Davido’s Daughter, Imade After She Questions Her Mother About Her Half-Sister Hailey


Nigerians have reacted differently to a video of Davido’s daughter, Imade questioning her mother, Sophia Momodu, about her half-sister, Hailey.

Davido’s babymamas and kids had a family reunion yesterday and during the eventful encounter, Imade who cared to know her real family members asked Sophia Momodu why is not the biological mother of Hailey Adeleke.

Sophia then replied, “I am her mother.”

However, Nigerians were not enthused about the question as they pointed out that Sophia Momodu is the not person to answer such question but her father, Davido is the one supposed give the answer.

Watch the video below:

Reacting to the video, one Loveth_empire commented, “Na ur dad get that question”

One Magegelove wrote, “It’s just the love and positive vibes from all of them it says a lot about the mother’s and their father.”

“Your father is forming Baby Mamas Association,that is why” Another social media user wrote.

“Now I see why OBO gave chefchi ASSURANCE wen no get INSURANCE con lead to her ENDURANCE now” Another user wrote.

One Jobe Beauty wrote, “Beautiful upbringing. Very good. She is taught to love her half sister instead of hating “

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