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Babcock Student Sex tape: True story behind the leaked video

Babcock Student Sextape: True story behind the leaked video

The internet went agog yesterday when a sextape of a Babcock University Studentand her partner was leaked across various social media platforms.

Immediately the video hit the internet, so many reports went with it, and it was initially claimed that the guy in the video leaked the tape to brag among his friends.

An anonymous social media user said the video is actually an old video and the particular guy in the sex tape is no longer a student as he’d been expelled from the university since last semester. He was reportedly rehabilitated by the school at the time, and the act took place at the rehabilitation centre.

The social media report goes thus:

“Please keep me anonymous. The video is not a current video. The guy in the video is no more a student of Babcock. He has been expelled since last semester.”

“He got expelled prior to drug abuse and malpractice last semester. So he was taken to a rehab by the school.”

“The girl went to the rehab to visit him. That was when they had sex.. So the guy made a video, so he’ll be able to remember her when she leaves. Then the guy now showed his guys as per he wanted to show off his knacking skills.”

“The guy now later f****d up by f****ng one of his friends babe. Na so that one vex, send am to all his guy friends. As them dey send am. Na so one girl wey no like the girl in the video con get the video. She now started sending it to people in the school”


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