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Be Intentional About Yourself In 2022- Alex Ekubo Tells Fans


Actor Alex Ekubo has taken to social media to advise his fans on the healthy way they can get useful in the year 2022.

He explained that people should channel positive energy into themselves because when you focus on you, you grow. He added that people should be intentional about making themselves a priority in life.

He wrote:

Dear everyone,

As usual I always start the year with #AlexxEkuboNewYearPepTalk.

2020/21 has been a lot, a lot happened but guess what? you are still standing above the ground & not beneath it, so you are the real MVP.

Now it’s time to channel positive energy for yourself, because when you focus on you, you grow, when you focus on sh**, sh** grows.
Be intentional about yourself & everything that concerns you.

Also, don’t be too hard on yourself
There are certain things you’ll never truly understand & are beyond your control like the sudden death of a loved one, certain separations etc, until it happens to you.
Theories & assumptions of the situations are not always the reality, you think you are smarter than most or you would handle better until life humbles you.
You’ll be a hero in some stories & a villain in other stories.
You cannot satisfy everyone & be a Hero.

I took an L, but at least i get an A for Effort.

We live & we learn.
it is what it is!

Learn to roll with the punches, Life I’ve come to realize is a very good Boxer.
Know that a lot of things are beyond your control, & that’s totally fine.

Learn to forgive truly, learn to forgive others, but most importantly learn to forgive yourself.
There is so much life in life, as my Warri people will say “Life many full front”

This year, like the years before I have no intention of explaining myself to anyone, anything you think of me is fine, start a campaign, start a Hashtag, if they tell you i’m a cat, Meoooooow, Leave me alone.

Love others, but love yourself more, because you are the only person who is with you for your entire life.

If you know how quickly people forget the dead, you will stop living to impress people.

This is the year of the Shark.
Sharks never stops swimming
Think like a Shark
Act like a Shark
If a Shark stops swimming, it will die!
If a Shark swims backwards it will die!

Keep it moving, always keep it forward, someone once said “I’m in Love with a place called forward”
Never has a simple line, resonated with my spirit.

Team Ahead Ahead 🚀

Sincerely Yours,



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