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Check Out How Nollywood Stars Bimbo Ademoye and Shola Shobowale Look Alike in New Photos


Its seems nollywood duo of actress Shola Sobowale and Bimbo Ademoye might be linking up for a new movie, after the younger actress shared images of her and the veteran actress in a new Instagram post she described as linking up with her mother, something which an observation of the images Bimbo Ademoye had posted seem to suggest, as they looked quite alike.

The two Nollywood star already share a good chemistry between her and the older actress as they appeared so cute and adorable, with Bimbo looking like the younger version of Shola Sobowale who is thrilled and excited to have such a talented actress as Bimbo Ademoye thrilled to have her, even referring to her as a mother figure which is an excited feeling she must be getting to have such a big adoration from an actress of the younger generation, who must have looked up to Shola Shobowale growing up, and is now thrilled to be working with her on a project.

From all indications it seems Shola Shobowale is going to be playing the role of a mother to Bimbo, which is what she had indicated in her post, their looks showed the director of the movie has done a great job in pitching them for the mother and daughter are, and the makeup artist doesn’t need to get over worked to make them up to look like an idle mother and daughter doing what they know how to do best, which is interpreting roles in movies.



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