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Clergywoman Funke Felix-Adejumo Flaunts Her Husband On IG, Thanks Him For Loving Her For 37 Years Hours After Victoria Inyama Asked About Him


Funke Felix-Adejumo, a clergywoman, has praised and flaunt her spouse on Instagram just hours after Victoria Inyama inquired about his whereabouts.

On Thursday, December 30, Inyama chastised the clergywoman for advising women to cover their husbands’ nakedness because no guy is flawless.

Victoria reacted to her remark by asking where her husband was, since she is always the one who is seen and heard. She had written:

”Madam Preacher….Almost all your attacks are on Women ‘…..the fact that you wear the trousers in your marriage doesn’t mean you should keep attacking women…. U only talk about what the woman should or should not do….always…..I can’t even place your husband’s face….Are you home long enough to do all you preach? Cause I see you in different countries most times…Marriage is a union between ‘2’ people….there’s no ‘Perfect ‘ ……l would love to hear your husband preach about you ‘ if he ever does……”

Ms. Adejumo published images of her husband on her Instagram profile this evening, ostensibly in reaction to Victoria. According to her, he trained her and then released her into the world. She went on to thank him for loving her for 37 years.

” My King My Oasis Of Calm.  My Boy Friend  My Collaborator  My Confronter  My ‘Alaanu’ (Helper)
You Trained Me & Released Me To My World  You Stand Tall Among Many Thank You For 37 Years Of Loving Me. We Are Just Warming Up. I Paused To Thank You For An Amazing 2021 My Ishola My Own Prince Aderemi 2022 Is Going To Be Very ‘SWEET’ Loving You In All Shades & Colors ”



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