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“Congrats to me” – 18-year-old boy causes a stir as he shows off his alleged palatial home (Video)


An 18-year-old Nigerian boy has caused a massive stir after flaunting his wealth on social media.

The teenager, identified as Big Kennie on TikTok, recently took to the video-sharing platform to show off his latest property—a palatial home, eliciting reactions from netizens.

The video showcased the house, which he had just completed and was ready to move into. In the later part of the video, one could also see his car parked in the compound.

The video, which has garnered over 200k views on the platform, also depicted the various stages of the construction process until its completion.

The palatial structure boasts exquisite interiors and exteriors, with the young man’s name inscribed on the building’s doorstep.

Sharing the video, he congratulated himself on achieving such a great feat at his young age, writing, “Congrats to me at 18.”

Watch video below,

In other news, a Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share his experience after relocating to Winnipeg, Canada, in 2022.

The man, who goes by the handle @KaizTweets, narrated his ‘japa’ experience on Thursday, May 18, to celebrate his first year of migrating from Nigeria.

According to him, he got a job two weeks after migrating to Canada, bought a brand new car, and married the love of his life in January 2023.

He also expressed gratitude for his experiences thus far and highlighted that his monthly expenses, including taxes, in Canada is more than his annual salary back in Nigeria.


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