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Corruption: Judicial process is too slow for my liking – President Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that the judicial process in democratic dispensation is too relatively slow for his liking when compared to the military era yet he has no choice than to respect it since he is in a democratic government.

This was disclosed by the President while addressing reporters shortly after a surprise 77th birthday celebration organised by members of his staff in Abuja this morning.

Buhari who revealed that he has come to learn the hard way to follow the democratic principles when asked by one of the reporters to speak on his approach to dealing with corrupt government officials.

“I have learned in a hard way, when I came in uniform, I collected those who were leading, took them to Kirikiri and told them that they were guilty until they could prove themselves innocent. I put committees, based on geopolitical zones, to investigate them. Those that were found to have lived beyond their means, the balance was taken and given to the state.

But I myself was arrested, detained and they were given back what they had stolen. However, under this system, which is supposed to be more accountable, it is too slow for my liking, but I have to follow it.

I think I’ve come to accept the realities of leadership in Nigeria; you can only try. It’s a terrific country, no matter what you do, there are people who are on daily basis looking for your fault and go to the press with it. You have to learn to live by that” he said.

While speaking on the 2023 general elections, President Buhari advised politicians who intend to contest for any political office to start working hard to merit the trust of the people now.

He also warned that he would not allow anyone to use the influence of his own office or the resources of his state to foist himself or herself on Nigerians.

“What I want to promise Nigerians is that I will work very hard on free and fair elections. All those that are going to succeed in the National Assembly and the Presidency have to work very hard because I will make sure, using the law enforcement agencies, that elections are free and fair. Nobody will use his office or resources to force himself on his constituencies” he assured.

“At 77, I feel well. If you have played Tombola before, it’s about crutches, many of those who are 77 years old are on crutches, but I am on my two feet”, the President said when asked about how he felt clocking 77 years.



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