Home NEWS Customs officers living above earnings will be sacked – CG

Customs officers living above earnings will be sacked – CG


Nigeria Customs Service comptroller-general, Hameed Ali has warned that any officer who acquires wealth illegally will be sacked during the decorating some newly promoted officers of the service in Abuja on Friday.

The Customs service recently promoted 2,508 officers to various ranks and appointed three as members of its management.

Ali warned that for customs officers to remain in service, they must avoid living above their earnings as every officer could survive within the remuneration package of the service, if well managed.

“I will show the way out to any officer who thinks he can not survive with his remuneration but involve in illicit ways to acquire wealth,” he said.

“I know the service gives you enough that you can survive with, it is just a question of prudence. You can never have everything you that you desire to acquire

“You must prioritise your needs and by the time you do that, you will meet your needs.”


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