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Davido reacts after a Wizkid Fan said his late mother was used for rituals


It all went down earlier today on social media; a brutal exchange of words between the fans of two of Nigeria’s biggest singers, Davido and Wizkid.

While such online battles are not new to the media, the particular twitter that took place today was on another level as the fans stopped so low as to bring the parents of the singers into their conversation and exchange of insults – at one point it got really insensitive.

Apparently, a fan of Davido had called out Wizkid’s mother, saying she was an illiterate and all that… Wizkid’s Fan could not allow that slide and he gave a harsh and insensitive response.

The fan with the handle @vic wrote “They did not use Wizkid’s mother for rituals unlike Davido’s mother.”

The tweet caught the attention of Davido and the singer berated both his fans and Wizkid fans, adding that the nonsense had to stop.

“Davido FC Wizkid FC, has it gotten to this ! Bull shit disappointed in both my fans and his! Nonsense”, he wrote.


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