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Desola Afod Sends A Message To Her Husband Kunle Afod Despite ExtraMarital Affair Rumours


Despite her husband’s suspected adultery and the escalating uproar, popular actress Desola Afod, wife of Yoruba Nollywood star Kunle Afod, has been posting videos of support.
It’s no surprise that the mysterious and controversial blogger has been following Yoruba Nollywood superstars, and some of their dirty little secrets have been disclosed by the unnamed individual, which has some people on the run.
Actor Ibrahim Yekini, commonly known as Itele, has reportedly caught the blog’s attention recently.
He said that he did not provide for the Yoruba star’s other children from prior marriages.
Popular actor Itele was accused of leaving his first two wife, together with their seven children, behind.
The actor said that he gave his second wife a monthly stipend of 70,000 naira, but sources contradicted him.
There have been rumors of Kunle Afod’s sex for roles controversy involving up-and-coming actors in the Yoruba film business.
The wife of Kunle Afod has published a number of “assurance” videos on her Instagram profile to vouch for her husband’s loyalty and tenderness for their union.
Actress Desola Afod, who has dubbed herself as her husband’s life and a celebrity wife, wants to spend her entire life with him since being around him makes her feel better.


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