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Destiny Etiko And Lucy Donalds Throw Shot At Each Other As They F!ght On The Gram


Destiny Etiko and her colleague Lucy Donalds have begun throwing heavy punches at each other as they shade themselves fighting over something we are yet to identify.

The fight between these two all started with a post of Lucy Donalds showing off her bags after she went shopping in Turkey and some netizens claimed it was empty then Destiny Etiko took to her page to shade her that her bags are empty.

Lucy Donalds in return shaded Destiny Etiko of having surgery but has been claiming it’s natural and that is how these two beautiful ladies have been throwing heavy punchs at each other on the gram.

They both have been indirectly insulting each other and Lucy Donalds have warned Destiny Etiko not to attack her directly if not she wouldn’t be able to contain her and Destiny Etiko, on the other hand, has replied with a song from Wizkid claiming there’s nothing she can do.

the fight among these Nollywood actresses is something that one can’t understand as the day pass by, some will definitely fight each other over something we never get to know about and today it’s Destiny Etiko and Lucy Donalds.

This doesn’t suit them as ladies and people others look up to as fighting each other in public only shows how low they are and not respectable as they may have portrayed and that goes to all those who have been fighting each other on social media.

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