Home ENTERTAINMENT Di’Ja and her husband welcome their third child (Photo)

Di’Ja and her husband welcome their third child (Photo)


Di’ja and her theee kids

Nigerian singer Aphrodija aka Di’ja recounts her numerous blessings as she announces the birth of her third child about a week ago.

The celebrity singer took to her social media page to make the announcement, expressing gratitude to God for having the most amazing delivery, according to her post.

Taking to her IG to make the announcement, she wrote:

I have been blessed countless times over and over again. Alhamdullilah. A week ago I had the most amazing delivery! It can only be the Almighty. Allahu Akbar.
KITON FAROUK (2016), AMANA MORENIKE (2018)and AYANA WURA (2019). Our beautiful children. #Olofamily. Pic by @iamjinius_ . I don’t know how we’ve done it. #MAMABEAR! I still can’t believe I am a mum of now 3 amazing children. Thank you to my whole family, friends, caretakers for holding me down this whole time.


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