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‘Don’t be deceived by the feigned smile on social media; a lot are battling depression’ – Actress Allwell Ademola


Nollywood actress, Allwell Ademola has taken to social media to reveal to fans not to be deceived by those that feign a smile and look fine outside, stating a lot of people are battling depression.

According to her, the celebrity people think has the most strength might end up not being strong to handle situations, which is why it is advisable not to troll people on social media.

In a post shared, their lifestyle is always top-notch; this is because they always want to look okay on the outside even when they are totally depressed, while most of them are on social media to keep their mind off sadness and get relief from social media activities.

She wrote:

Alot of times we are deceived by beautiful pictures and feigned smiles on social media but a lot of people are battling depression in eir closets… Some people you think are strong need strength too… Alot smile on the outside but weeps on the inside.



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