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Don’t compare Nigeria with developed countries – Writer Omojuwa says

Don’t compare Nigeria with developed countries – Writer Omojuwa says

A Nigerian writer identified as Omojuwa has taken to his Twitter page to address those comparing Nigeria with developed countries.

According to Omojuwa, Nigerians are more privileged living in Nigeria than those staying in some ‘developed countries’. He alleged that living in Nigeria is cheap compared to other countries. Omojuwa threw in some reasonable analysis, stating that citizens of the so called developed countries live in debt as a result of high living standards whereas in Nigeria, the reverse is the case as Nigerians are used to by passing water bills, electricity bill and enjoy subsidised transportation.

He tweeted:

Abroad, you pay thru your nose for water, electricity & transportation. You do the conversion to Naira and the results hurt you. You return to Nigeria to bypass power, owe water bills & enjoy subsidised transportation then complain things aren’t working? Is your brain working?

We want an education system that works but we want to pay $200-$500/year for uni tuition? We can’t eat our cake and have it. We don’t have a public health care system, let alone an effective one. The US has an expensive one that works, the UK has a “free” one that works. Nigeria?

See some reaction below:

@Onyeubanatu Very profound analysis but there is a deeper comparison to this. Here in Nigeria, can we boast of an effective public healthcare system? On healthcare alone, can we boast of good emergency response system? Education, etc. If we have a system that works, you ll pay & not complain.

@Hansdamy What he’s say is 100 % through we barely pay for anything in Nigeria . But, the fault is that of the FG . What is FG doing to build a modern tax system ? Absolutely nothing. There won’t be NURTW if we have one and we will all pay our fair share easily.

@Saint Femite health care at private hospitals. We want a working system and we will all pay. When there is a working system like developed countries Nigerians will be able to afford all this bills cos we will have availability of jobs, govt benefits , have access to credit cards, loans etc

@Demlab11 But the citizens income scale of the two countries is different now. A country where a professor earns 450K per mouth. That is 1250 dollar o. The burden shouldn’t always be on citizens without government playing their part.

@Fasheyita2 We need to fix leadership first for most of this things u are comparing to work effectively. We lack the leadership to drive this social amenities and developments. Those countries mentioned are having good and purposeful leadership. There is accountability, corruption is at zero

@Hansdamy Instead of building a Social Security system. FG is increasing VAT, taxing internet usage . The Western countries all have something in common which is SSN(ICT). We need to involve tech in everything we do if not we will be on same spot for another decade .


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