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Don’t Give Any Pastor Your First Salary Of The Year As Seed Sowing – Mr. Jollof Cautions (Video)


Comedian Mr. Jollof has cautioned those who send their first salary of the year to their pastors as seed money to put an end to that and not give any pastor their first salary as seed sowing.

Most Christians are fond of sowing seed at the beginning of the year with their first salaries and Mr. Jollof has cautioned them to stop that and not give their first salary of the year to any pastor as seed sowing as they usually do.

According to him, instead of giving your first salary to your pastor as seed money, give it to your parents for them to bless you more than a pastor who has more than you are offering him.

Mr. Jollof used simple logic to explain his point saying you give your parents money in December for Christmas and January takes a long time before ending hence by the time you give them another money, they would have suffered a bit, hence instead of giving the money to a pastor, give it to your parents.

Moreover, sowing seed at church while your own parents are suffering doesn’t attract any blessing, so instead of watching your parents suffer, give them the money supposed to be seed money and see how you will be blessed for that.

video below;


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