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Dumbest Mistakes I Made At 20 – Toke Makinwa shares


Popular Media Personality, Toke Makinwa has shared her experience of how she tried to “rush life” at the age of 20.

Speaking in a recent episode of her Toke Moments, she narrated her past experiences while seizing the opportunity to dish advice to her fans.

According to Makinwa, she loved too much at 20 and would retrace her steps if she had the chances.

She said:

“Dear 20-year -old me, all you wanted to was to grow up, wear makeup, hang out with girls. You wanted to rush life. And then you realize that, as you grow older, you make the dumbest mistakes; look back asking, ‘what was I even thinking!”

“Dear 20-year-old me, don’t date too seriously. Meet people, go on dates, kiss boys. I feel like, when I was 20, I dated too seriously. It was like, ‘this relationship must lead to marriage!’

“I don’t really blame myself. When you look at how we grew up, women were raised to eventually be ‘someone’s wife.’ You never really think that your degree or what you’re doing with life mattered.”

“Some parents even made jokes like, ‘you’ll marry one day and be somebody’s wife. Is that how you’ll be when you’re in your husband’s house?’ Then, you begin to put so much pressure on yourself!” the 35-year-old said.

Going further, she did not hesitate to advise the 20-year-olds who are entangled in unstable relationships, struggling to find their self-worth to breathe and explore.


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