Home NEWS Edo police arrest man for killing wife over N80,000

Edo police arrest man for killing wife over N80,000


A fierce fight between one Mr Monday Olomu, 53 and Odion Osatugue Olomu, his wife over the alleged misappropriation of N80,000 by the husband, has resulted in the untimely death of the woman.

Monday who is presently cooling off in a grim detention cell at the Edo State Police headquarters in Benin was said to have struck the wife a severe blow when pushing resulted in shoving.

Angered by the wife’s demand that he gives an account of the said amount out of the N155,000 which she gave him for domestic expenses, the enraged husband was said to have engaged in foul fisticuffs with the wife.

During the incident which happened on Wednesday, November 2 at night in Benin, the wife was said to have fallen with a thud, hit her head on the concrete floor and fainted after the husband violently shoved her in the heat of the struggle.

The woman reportedly gave up the ghost minutes later as the furious husband reportedly refused to come to her aid immediately after the fall.

A repentant Monday however swore that he was in love and had no intention of killing the wife but only shove the woman in a desperate bid to be free from her vice-like grip during the violent confrontation.

He confessed that the deceased actually spent the said amount on the family domestic needs which he promised to reimburse at a later date but got mad over her persistent pesterings to pay the balance of N80,000 after giving her N75,000 out of the N155,000.

The Edo Police spokesman, Mr Bello Kontongs who confirmed the incident cautioned couples to learn to always exercise restraint in domestic squabbles.

Kontongs, a superintendent of police however insisted that the law must take its course as investigations were still on, assuring that the murder suspect will be docked once they are concluded.


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