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Fresh graduate Commits Suicide due to ‘Family Pressure’


A Fresh graduate, Adokpela Simeon, from one of the prominent Universities in  Benin Republic, killed himself due to what he said was family pressure.

Eyewitness account disclosed that the deceased left a suicidal note behind before his exit.

In a suicide letter, it was revealed that Simeon killed himself with consumption of sniper basically because of pressure from his family, which has however led to depression.

According to witnesses, he wrote a letter for his parents to know the reason why he killed himself.

The Suicidal note:
“Dear mom, aunty Hadija and Kpela, by the time you are reading this letter, you should know that I am dead. I drank sniper and killed myself because you pushed me to any earthly possession that I have in this life, including the car that daddy gave to me should be given to my younger brother, Sunny. I can’t keep up with the pressure you are putting on me and daddy, I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me in this life, no one can ask for a better father.

“God will bless you abundantly. It is a shame I had to lose my life this way. Please, I ask you, people, to come to Cotonou and retrieve my corpse. This is supposed to be a moment of celebration but the pressure that you are putting on my HEAD mummy and aunty Hadija has forced me to quit life, get ready to mourn a dead son. Thank you all, yours faithfully, late Adokpela Simeon”.

Other Sources however, disclosed that favouritism was added to the reason of the suicide.


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