Home ENTERTAINMENT Grace Ajilore is trending because she’s pregnant

Grace Ajilore is trending because she’s pregnant


Grace Ajilore is currently a trending topic on Twitter, and folks are dragging her because of an alleged double standard.

She was tagged a feminist because of some of her ‘angry bants’ about how ‘trashy’ men can sometimes be… And now she’s being dragged on Twitter, after she announced her pregnancy.

“My Christmas came early! Me & daddy can’t wait to meet our beautiful baby”, she tagged the photos.

Below are some comments from Twitter;

@steph_niiii: So Grace Ajilore “men are trashed” us to death on the TL only to end up a baby mama for a MAN??? 😂🤣

Linda Ikeji preached celibacy so tey, she FELL pregnant, Glory Osei was forming feminist that hates men only to realize that she is married. Now, Grace Ajilore that is always setting standards and screaming “Men are scum” is pregnant. The internet is a very interesting place.

@Grace_jobi: I’ve been hoodwinked, Grace ajilore that was preaching stay away from men is pregnant😅

Grace Ajilore pregnant

Grace Ajilore pregnant

@one_dosh: Dear Grace Ajilore i don’t know you but i heard some waste being dropped something in you that’s making you glow. You all slay queens that come on here to shout men are trash,Your mentor is pregnant now


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