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How pastor wanted to sleep with me in exchange for letter


Former Nollywood actress and entrepreneur Mimi Ubini has narrated an experience she allegedly had with a pastor who wanted to sleep with her over a reference letter.

According to the socialite, she had gone to see the man of God to get a reference letter to get cleared after she gained admission into the University of Lagos, but the man requested that she warmed his bed before assenting to her request.

How pastor wanted to sleep with me in exchange for letter – Mimi Ubini

Read her lengthy post below ;

It was the Eve of September I just got an admission letter from the almighty unilag. I was ecstatic! I mean Unilag is one the best Govt university we have in the country.

I took my time to browse through all the requirements for processing my admission. One actually stood out; get a reference from a 1)Lawyer: I don’t know any lawyer or 2)Clergy: what does that mean?! or A pastor: Na now you come😁 I mean I was a strong member in church that year, I don’t miss my weekly service, I wasn’t only a bench warmer on Sundays infact the assistant pastor had previously approached me according to him use “my beauty” for God. He told me to join one department 1)choir:I’ve frog voice so pass 2)pray warrior:terrible at praying and lastly 3)usher:that’s manageable. I’d ask him if I was going to get paid, he said No I should “do it for the lord” I said okay and proceed to register for bible studies on Saturday, that’s the only process you will pass through before one can work in the church.

So I mean it’s a no brainer right? The pastor would def give me a reference letter, I was sister in the lord, so piece of cake!
So I decide to go meet my pastor in the lord for a reference letter. I worn a long skirt and a free top, pack my natural hair in a ponytail, I mean you have to look godly when visiting a man of God. I double check in the mirror to make sure I was decently dressed, picked my admission letter and headed for my pastor in the lord’s office…

I got to the office met with the receptionist. Excuse me ma please I want to see Pastor … (won’t mention names, sorry)
Okay hold on a sec, she replied nicely.
I sat down and admired the gorgeous interior of my pastor office, money good o, I said in my mind.
Hello you can go in now! the receptionist soft but sharp voice jolted my vain thoughts.
Thank you ma I replied nicely.

I walked into a much more beautiful space, my pastor office is fine sha.
Good morning sir, I said
We exchanged pleasantries, he offered me a chilled cold drink.
What brought you to my office Misan?! My pastor asked after all protocols was observed, lol.
Sir I just got admission to unilag o! I said with excitement.
To study what ? He asked, Philosophy sir, I said
Oh congrats! We were the first set of philosophers in unilag, he said.
Oh wow sir! Is it a good course sir ?! I said excited but honestly I didn’t care for the course (but I got love it) I just wanted to further my education, I didn’t want to die a semi illiterate so even if unilag gave me admission to come study the bushes and grasses I’d take it.

It is a lovely course, congrats my pastor said.
So wat can I do for you? He asked again.

Sir please I want you to write a reference letter with your paper heading and stamp it sir, I said.
He said okay and proceeded to write the letter while I sat there and screamed in my mind: UNILAG HERE I COMEEEE!!!
Okay I’m done, my pastor said.

My eyes lit up I stretched forth my hand to take the letter. he said no no not so fast…haaaaaaaa!
You are a fine girl o. He said
Thank you sir I said

If you want this letter at least let me touch you small, he said
Haaaaaa! Sir I’m a small girl oo I said with an innocent face.
With all this thing on ur chest, let me suck ur breast at least. I look at him I knew he wasn’t going to give me the letter without a fight…what should I do Misan think. Okay sir but at least let me go submit the letter, wen I come back I’ll come so you can suck it. No I want it now. The pastor was adamant.

I stared at the letter on his desk, I want this, I must have this letter, it means a lot to me.
Come na Misan, he said.

I slowly walked up to him for the sucking…sir please suck it fast I said as I muttered as I walked up to him…I got closed to the other end of the desk, I snatched the letter from his desk, head for the door I swear all this happened so fast you have no idea, I headed for the door and ran as fast as my legs could carry, all I was hearing was Misan come back here! Misan I’ll tell unilag I didn’t approve that letter, Misan come back here!! I ran with that letter, I kept running and that was the end of my sister in the lord brouhaha 😩

So wat do you think? Did I do bad for snatching and running with letter? Should I have handled differently?

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