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How to Start Dating Older Women

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A lot of men find women who are older and more experienced attractive, and yet, it can be a bit intimidating to actually try to start dating older women. Some men worry that a more mature woman will have high expectations and that she might be put off by a younger man’s age and things like his income.

However, there are lots of older single women who are just as interested in dating younger men as the men are in dating them. Women are thought to reach their peak in terms of things like sex drive in their thirties when it is a lot younger for men, and so for some older women, a younger man’s higher energy levels and interest in having fun can be appealing. Equally, older women who already have careers and a stable income of their own often don’t really care about things like how much their partner earns and are more interested in things like how happy being around him makes them, and to some extent, of course, physical appearance and fitness. Younger men can be more appealing in that respect.

Here are some tips about the attitude you’ll need and approaches that can work if you want to start getting into relationships – either casual or serious – with women ten years or more older than you:

Don’t Make Assumptions That Every Woman Will Be the Same

Every woman is different, and if you want to start dating older women it is important to remember that. You can’t really make broad assumptions about how a woman will act and what she will want from a man based on only her age. Just as you wouldn’t want all older women to assume that you will be immature and irresponsible just because you are younger than they are, it is best not to assume that all older women in the dating pool will be the sophisticated, worldly MILFs people fantasize about. You can’t even really always assume that she will be a lot more experienced than you with dating or sex because everybody’s circumstances are different.

While you can search for women in the age bracket you are attracted to using dating sites, or you can chat up women who you are interested in when you’re out, if you are looking for a certain type of person to date then you need to treat each woman you talk to as an individual rather than presuming she will be a certain way due to her age.

Make Sure You Feel Confident When You Approach Older Women

Confidence is about the most attractive thing there is to just about everybody, but this is especially true of attractive older women, who are likely to have been shown attention by all sorts of men in their lives and will not be fooled by games and flattery. While it is a stereotype and of course not true for everyone, it is probably true of the type of older woman you are turned on by that she knows what she wants. This means that you’ll need to be confident that you have something good to offer and that her dating you would be a good experience for both of you, rather than approaching her with the idea that you’ll be really lucky if she gives you a chance.

Remember the things you bring to the table, whether it’s your sense of humour, looks, being an interesting person, or whatever else you know a partner would appreciate about you, and don’t be intimidated – either by the women themselves and your perceived ideas about their expectations or by the idea that you are competing with older men for their attention.

One good way to beat the insecurities you might have about dating someone older – or about your sex life with them once you are dating someone – is to raise your confidence about how well you can satisfy a woman in bed. It is easy to imagine that older women have tried all sorts of things and will be easily disappointed by someone younger, but in reality, what actually makes someone a good partner in bed is really passion and attention – and you can bring that no matter how experienced you are.

If you want to get more of a feel for what older women are like sexually and maybe pick up some ideas about how to satisfy them, it can be a good (and fun) idea to check out some MILF camgirls. Take a look on this site, Babe Station, to find camgirls in all different categories, including older women, and you can enjoy exploring what turns them on, and that can give you more confidence when it comes to having sex with older women you date in real life.

Approaching Older Women Online

With social activities being a bit more difficult at the moment due to social distancing, the best way to meet new people for dating is online. Naturally, online dating profiles will allow you to find single women near you who are in the age range you want to date. However, online dating can be tricky for men at the best of times, as attractive women tend to get messaged a lot, and making that first contact and getting into a conversation can be hard.

The best advice is to find a few profiles you are interested in and send a specific message to each of them introducing yourself and referencing things about their profile, to show that you are paying attention and aren’t just copy-pasting the same message to dozens of girls. That is a sure-fire way to stand out from all of the ‘hi’ messages in her inbox, and from there, you can begin talking and find out which of the women you approached you have a spark with.

Dating can be tough, but if you approach looking for an older partner with the right attitude and some confidence, you should find that you can meet some sexy, interesting older women who will be just as happy to date you as you are to date them!


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