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I create time for my family so my wife won’t regret marrying an actor –Antar Laniyan


Veteran actor, producer and director, Antar Laniyan, talks about what fatherhood has taught him.

What does fatherhood mean to you?

Fatherhood, to me, means being responsible as a father to your kids, wards and wife.

When did you become a father?

I became a father some 20 years ago.

Did you witness the birth of your children?

I was on set shooting a movie titled, Strange Woman, with Joke Silva and Andy Amenechi directed it. That was when my first boy was born. I witnessed the birth of the second boy.

How did you feel being in the labour room to witness your wife give birth?

One has to be strong. I was determined to be there and I saw it all.

What have been your challenges as a father?

God has always been in control. But let me say that not being at home to keep them company because of the nature of my job at times does not go well with me.

Was the gender of your children what you preferred?

I couldn’t dictate to God. Today, I am grateful to God.

What were your fears before marriage?

My fears before marriage were having enough time for the family because of the passion I have for my job.

How have you been able to combine your career with your roles as a father?

When I made up my mind to get married, I knew I had to create time for my family because first, I didn’t want my wife to regret marrying an actor. Secondly, I prefer being close to my wife and children.

How do you discipline your kids whenever they misbehave?

I hate the use of the rod; so, most of the time, I talk to them whenever they go wrong. Besides, we are too close for me to use a stick to flog them.

You are a busy actor. How do you create time for your family?

I write down my movements in my diary. I always create resting periods. My resting dates play dual roles. I use them to rest and play with my family.

Do your children watch the movies you feature in and what do they say about them?

They do watch my movies and they don’t hide their feelings if they are not convinced about the roles.

Is any of your children following in your career path?

My children are bending towards entertainment. I cannot force them. I just pray to God to guide them.

What values did you learn from your father which are helping you in training your children?

My father, I. A. Laniyan, was full of discipline. He would always tell one to be focused and see beyond the moment. He was a man full of policies and love for his children.



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