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“I have been aging backwards since i left my brother” – Peter Okoye


Psquare Mr P

Mr P

Former member of the defunct Psquare duo, Peter Okoye has shown he has no regrets after splitting with his twin brother, Paul Okoye, from their music group.

Peter Okoye who now runs a solo music career with the name, Mr P, praised himself in a recent post on Twitter, for leaving the group for a solo music career.

The singer who has had a noticeable progression in his music career claims that his decision to go solo was the best decision he made.

He disclosed this in a tweet on December 11, 2019, where he stated that he noticed he has aging backward since becoming a solo artist.

He wrote:

“By the way! Did y’all notice since I went solo and became Mr P I started aging backward…its called PEACE OF MIND and drinking more water and minding my business. Can you beat that? More of it biko. Mr P still trending on Twitter.


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