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“I have no regrets marrying Adeniyi Johnson” – Actress Seyi Edun says as she gush about her marriage


Proud wife and actress, seyi Edun, is gushing about her marriage to fellow actor, Adeniyi Johnson, declaring that she has no regrets marrying him.

Speaking about her union to Adeniyi Johnson who she regards as her boyfriend, Seyi said “To every home, there is an understanding. The issue of handling one’s career and home is not a general affair. Every family must have a picture of how they want their home to be. I am glad that I married my best friend (Adeniyi Johnson), and we understand each other to a very commendable extent. There are several celebrity couples who are doing greatly despite their busy work schedules. The likes of Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva are worthy role models to learn from. The idea of time, self and resource management continue to sharpen our marital life and we are balancing things appropriately.”

Reacting to insinuations of actresses being promiscuous and giving more priority to their careers at the expense of their marriages, Edun said, “That is a very low impression about hard-working and talented actresses. We work hard and contribute to the growth of Nollywood in every purposeful aspect. Although there is no profession without its black sheeps, stereotyping Nollywood actresses is totally unfair on the integrity of the women involved. People should actually show us more love.”


Concerning cyber bullies who troll celebrities online, she said, “I have no regrets calling a troll out. I think people should be reminded that celebrities are humans too. We have emotions, and people should not just come on the Internet and make demoralising comments about other human beings just because those people are celebrities. It is time we began to put such people in their place.”



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