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“I once dated two men and they knew each other”- Monalisa Stephen speaks on her relationship life


Nigerian body positivity and plus-size model, Monalisa Stephen has dropped another bombshell on her relationship life.

In a recent interview, the controversial body positivity advocate claimed that she is in an open relationship with two men.


According to her, she is seeing someone, but since they aren’t married, she is open to dating more men especially if they impress her.

She alleged that she once dated two men and they knew each other.

“I am in an open relationship before now I was dating two guys and they knew about each other.


I am seeing someone presently but the person is not seeing me, since I am not married I can see someone else”, she said.

Her revelation sparked reactions on social media, with many netizens expressing surprise and shock at the fact that two men could date the same woman who knew each other.

See reactions and the video below:


– Lol. I firmly think this lady has an alternative world in her head. It’s more of an illusion she created in her head to impose falsely on people’s view of her about her thriving cexuality & desirability. It’s a dysfunctional route to misrepresent self confidence just to validate what’s not. I strongly think this is a trauma response & can be traced to what she must have suffered in the past years – like been overlooked, downplayed & largely, the feeling of unworthiness around men. Anyways, I hope she finds her therapist. The trauma choke!

– When you have faced rejection, bully , unworthiness, unpleasantness, not being accepted, not sexy enough or beautiful enough,undesirable, not seen as good enough around men, this is exactly what happens , you begin to create an illusion of response as regards to misinterpretation of self confidence just to validate what is not real, which is to show that you are desirable especially by men which is response to the trauma of all I mentioned to what she has been through especially during her teens .. might be funny to her or an escape to feel like she’s IT but trust me this lady is going through serious trauma and need a therapist .. I hope she heals because this trauma is not leaving her anytime soon unless she chooses to actually heal ..


– At this point she is depressed and just saying things that will make her relevant on social media 🤡🤡 . Ps : this not women bringing down women ✌🏼

– After them go say nah slim girls like man,ick nodey do fat women on a normal,I have a fat friend,If I have the number of cex she have had I will be in a wheelchair now, I’m not tagging her 😂


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