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I saw him on TV but had no idea he was my father, says baba suwe allegedly son claim after his death.


Babatunde Omidina, aka Baba Suwe’s first son, Akanni, expressed happiness that he was able to communicate with his father before his death on November 22, 2021.

“I am really glad to God that I met with my father before his passing,” Akanni, who had not known Baba Suwe as his father for many years, said in an interview with journalists during the funeral. I think that only God has the power to determine one’s death. I’ve known Baba Suwe since I was a child since I used to love watching his movies on TV. However, anytime my mother noticed me watching one of his films, she would always tell me to change the channel. However, I became more intrigued by him. I heard nothing about him when I traveled outside of the country, but I couldn’t watch his movies because of my employment as a medical doctor.

I’m glad I returned home to help my father. I’m pleased I had the opportunity to show him love before he passed away. Despite the fact that I am Baba Suwe’s firstborn, I implore my uncles, aunts, and other relatives to let love reign supreme among my father’s offspring.”

Suwe, also known as Ayodele, alias Suwe, the late actor’s reputed first wife, was noticeably present for the funeral and claimed to have been with him in his final moments.

“I told the nurse that he wasn’t breathing before she checked his pulse and realized that he was dead,” she added. I was never remarried to another person. Baba Suwe was an excellent man and the only husband I ever had. He’s my first husband and the only one I’ve ever married.”

Meanwhile, Saheed Bayonle, an actor and filmmaker who identifies as Baba Suwe’s foster son, stated that, contrary to rumors in some places, Omidina received all the support he required from colleagues, admirers, and family members. “Baba Suwe’s illness began long before it was well known,” he told Saturday Beats. I suppose it was exacerbated by old age. Money was not an issue because it was freely available. He received the help he required from everyone, including his coworkers.

“It’s clear that the NDLEA problem played a role in his condition. He was tortured physically, mentally, and psychologically. I understand that most people expected him not to be shattered over the case because he was a man but there is a limit to what men can tolerate. Baba Suwe’s faith in the country could have been boosted if he had received the compensation awarded by the court because, contrary to popular belief, he never trafficked cocaine. In the end, he was on his own because the government refused to follow the court’s ruling.”



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