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“I Want to Help Him”: Meet the Nigerian Secondary School Graduate Who Got Trained by Her Husband to be a Plumber


When she got married to her husband, Blessing Okorare had no idea that one day, she would end up working side by side with him as a professional plumber.

She had no idea that she would be waking up and going to work on plumbing projects with her husband, but that is exactly what is happening now.

Initially, Blessing who is a trained tailor started out as a seamstress but had to change jobs after deep consideration.

As fate would have, it turns out that Blessing is now enjoying plumbing work especially as she does it with the man she loves.

How I became a plumber

Doing a job that society has exclusively preserved for men is never easy, especially in Nigeria where some people, including family and friends, may frown at such.

In an interview, Blessing said her husband initially rejected the idea when she said she wanted to join him and become a plumber.

Blessing narrates her husband’s reaction back then:

“Initially, he refused because he thought about what people will say if they see his wife doing plumbing work. But after a while, he agreed.”

Why I joined my husband to do plumbing work

When asked exactly what her motivation was, she said she wanted to give her husband a helping hand.

According to Blessing, she saw that her husband was always getting a lot of projects and had few or no reliable hands to help him out.

Her words:

“I chose to join him because he always has a lot of contracts and getting reliable boys to help him is a challenge. Sometimes only he will have to attend to more than one job. I saw that the pressure on him was much. Although I was a seamstress. When I saw the workload my husband is facing I decided to leave my trade and offer to help him out.”

My husband trained me as a plumber

After she was able to convince her husband, then came the challenge of training. Becoming a plumber meant she had to be trained.

Fortunately for Blessing, she did not have to look too far for a master because her husband took her as an apprentice.

She proudly told:

“Yes am a trained plumber and I was trained by my husband. My husband is from Agbarho in Ughelli North LGA. He is a nice man, very caring, hard-working, and diligent with his work.”

Challenges of working as a female plumber

Of course, working in a terrain initially thought to be reserved for men is not easy for women.

Plumbing involves using physical strength to lift heavy objects like pipes, tools, and overhead tanks. It involves climbing, digging, and other physical activities that could be draining for Blessing, but she has said she enjoys herself despite the difficulties.

She told Onlyytori:

“Really to say the fact, the job is not easy because it involves a major use of physical strength, like digging, working on heights, carrying of heavy materials, using power tools, and chiseling walls. But overall I will say the plumbing trade is okay because it is a well-paying job.”

Blessing is from Amai in Ukwuani LGA of Delta state, but she met her husband in Warri.

Many people who know her on TikTok where she posts videos of their work are now using her as an example of how a wife should help her husband.


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