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“IDÁN wey dey send other Idáns on errands”- Reactions as Iyabo Ojo declared herself as Iyalaya Idan


Nollywood actress and entrepreneur Iyabo Ojo left her fans mesmerized with her captivating beauty as she proudly flaunted her radiant look following her remarkable appearance at the recently concluded Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

Iyabo Ojo shared dazzling photos of herself on her Instagram page with a bragging caption about her beauty and having beautiful children.

She wrote, “The smile you give when you know say you fine finish, kon born fine pikin dem, come get fine bobo join…… na me gangan be Iyalaya Idan.”

Fans and well-wishers flooded the comment section with compliments and messages of admiration, praising Iyabo Ojo for her exceptional talent and stunning beauty.

One fan wrote, ” Idan gangan🙌🙌🙌nobody comes close😍A queen I stan🙌It’s pretty amazing how Festus and I shares the same date,month and year.My mum also bears the same name as you❤️That’s why I can never ever love you less❤️My mum also loves you too much❤️She said you both pushed at the same time😂😂😂we love you❤️❤️”

Another one wrote, ” IDÁN wey dey send other Idáns on errands 💯🙌🙌🙌🙌 Who’s Idán in front of IDÁN gangan🥵 Apatapìtì🙌 Ìyáláàyá🙌 Obìnrin bí Okùnrin🙌 Obìnrin méje🙌 Other Idán are apprentice 💯😂😂😂”

Another one wrote, ” I love every bit of what i saw❤️ it was so outstanding and breathtaking. Keep being beautiful 🔥❤️”


Another one wrote, ” I can bodly call u the Genuine and original IDAN. Others are trying dandan to b idan😂. MO FOH FUN E JARE💯”

Another one wrote, ” No na this beauty too choke oo kilode gangan😫😫😫 🔥 😍❤️”


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