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Isaac Fred Anyor: 8 Things You Should Know About Nollywood’s Youngest Actor. (Photos)


1. Isaac Fred Anyor is one of Nigeria’s youngest actors. The young lad was born on the 13th of December 2009 in Delta State, Nigeria.

2.  Isaac Fred Anyor is also among the most youngest and talented actors in the Nollywood Industry. He started appearing onscreen when he was very tender.

3. Isaac Fred Anyor is a wonder kid who is loved by many. He has garnered fans across Nigeria and beyond. He currently has about 80 thousands followers on Instagram.

4. Fred Anyor’s mother and elder sister Ella is also an actress. She has also appeared in several movies alongside other actors and  actresses from the movie industry.

5. The kid actor is very outspoken, talented and smart in portraying his movie roles assigned to him by movie directors. Fred is calm, intelligent and quick to learn. He has portrayed varying roles perfectly, making him one of the most highly talented kid actors.

6. Although born in Delta State, he is originally from Imo State Nigeria. He was born and brought with his siblings. His parents and sisters are very supportive of his movie career.

7. Fred Anyor is a student who is currently under-going his secondary School education. He is also capable of blending acting and academic work and activities.

8. Fred Isaac Anyor is humble and very respectful. As a little boy, he on the right path to greatness with all his attributes.

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