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“It’s Okay To Let A Woman Go If You Can’t Give Her What She Wants” – Man Says As He Narrates Love Story


A man has narrated his personal experience of how he found out that love is not enough reason to obey all the demands of your lover.

This is coming after a 22-year-old lady revealed she was battling with the decision to choose between a fully funded Masters program or staying with her boyfriend.

According to the narration of the young man identified as @DavidHundeyin on Twitter, he once had a beautiful relationship with a lady who distracted him from chasing his career.

“11 years ago in 2011, I got a woman pregnant. We met at Hull Uni during my final year, and it was what you might call a whirlwind romance. She was from a town in Zimbabwe called Kwekwe, and she was 2 years older than me. We were the definition of “opposites attract.”

We fell in love so hard that in just 6 months from when we met in March, we took it for granted that we would get married, have 2 kids and a dog, a nice little house in Market Weighton, her dream Mini Cooper etc.

Bear in mind I was a 21 Y.0 on a visa, without a job or a plan. She on the other hand, was a registered nurse with a solid income, a promising career and UK citizenship. I didn’t recognise the disparity yet because I was still being subsidised by the bank of Mom and Dad. It was all about the love – the fierce purity of the emotion.

See the thing is young men aren’t allowed to “feel” things very often, so when they do “feel” something like I did in 2011, it can possess them and make them absolutely blind to anything and everything else. So blind in fact that when the parental subsidy ended, I had no plan …”

Read full narration below:



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