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‘Let’s reset the nation and start afresh’, Reactions as Kunle Afod compares the Nigerian currency value in 1980 to the present rate


Photo of an old receipt inscribing the equivalent of 1000 dollars in naira disclosed by the Nollywood actor Kunle Afod has thrown fans in a state of despair for the country.

According to the photo the actor shared, the equivalent of 1000 dollars was 546 naira in the year 1980, but presently it is at the same rate (546) we trade for just 1 dollar.

Hmmm, this is serious


Disappointed at the less value placed on the naira note tracing its way back to 1980, Nigerians have frowned at the decrease level, stating that the country needs to be started on a clean slate.

However, many have attributed it to the leaders of the country as they have continued to destroy the economic system that was supposed to be maintained judiciously. At the same time, they wondered about the country’s future turn out with the already messy present state.

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@adetunji_akanbi_alatata wrote: We have to reset this nation and start afresh

@ascolur wrote: Bank rate today isn’t 546 to 1$ though! But whichever way one look at it, it is BAD….

@i.d.r.i.s_l.a.w.a.l wrote: Nigeria from top to bottom… very sad 😢

@yash_goldofficial_exchange wrote: May God help this country 😢



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