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LET’S TALK: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?


This is a very tactic questions for applicant especially when they are fired from their previous job.

To answer this tricky question, let’s start with things you shouldn’t say!.

* Do not say things that express negativity towards your old employer, the recruiter see this as a red flag, they will see you as someone who is bitter and negative and you would not he hired. Ensure your language is neutral and try to be calm.

* Do not over load the interviewer with details and in depth reasons, don’t sound defensive and go into details of what happen from your own side of the story.

* You should not lie about the reason you left your old job but be very smart with how you tell the truth! Lying could hurt you if they do a reference check and trust me, most organisations do!.

What I mean by being smart about telling the truth is…. not lying but not saying the intended truth…for examples.

You don’t want to tell the recruiter you left your previous job because you got a better pay in another company, they feel you are all about the money even though that’s one the big reasons we work.

You could say you left because you got a more challenging job that put your talents into resourceful use and in the previous job your talents was not fully utilised.

Or better still you could say because the reward do not commensurate the effort and your cost of service compared to the pay do not leave anything to save. That is a smart truth!. ( but this is when you left the company on your own)

* Do not feel awkward when answering the question try to be calm, your body language could mean you are lying even when you are telling the truth and being nervous denotes a lack of confident in the eye of the employer.

What You Should Do

* Tell the truth and be Honest. It always pay

* Always give detail not a novel you dont have to tell the whole story in other to make sense that’s not the best use of your interview time.

* Whatever reasons given, ensure you go back to why you are the suitable candidate for the position they are hiring for. Your focus is not on your old job but this one so stop spending time why you left the old job and start convincing to why you are better at this new job.

If You Were Fired Because Your Performance Was Bad.

Do not lie about it. Remember, say the truth smartly.

You do not want to say you could not perform because you don’t know how to do your task well …… the recruiter will you see as unteachable and someone who does not want to learn.

Answer like this:

After some management changes it become clearer that the new director had new expectations for my role that was didn’t line up with my strengths so he eventually brought in someone from the previous company who had more experience.

This experience taught me that my real talents is (the position you are applying for) I would like to discuss my expertise if you like……..

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