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“Make I No Talk For This Kind Of Women, They’re Very Strong” – Netizens Share Facts About Women Who’ve After Her Picture Goes Viral (Photos)


There has been a significant response after a Facebook user posted pictures on her timeline. Netizens were taken aback by her appearance, as she looked more masculine due to her hairy nature.

Numerous individuals began to question whether she was a woman or a man, while others encouraged her to embrace the natural attributes she possesses.

@Henry: you even get beard pass me


@Lila_Mhi: This type of women dey wicked ee, I dey fear them.

@Mohmud_Issah: Na nature give you, appreciate Allah.

hat A video that has gone viral online shows a Nigerian woman in tears after discovering that she is pregnant. She is worried about how she will break the news to her mother. While it is common for mothers to be happy when their daughters become mothers and give them grandchildren, this particular woman seems to be struggling with the news. The emotional clip has sparked a lot of attention on social media, with many people sharing their thoughts in the comments section.


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