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Man spotted kneeling down as he begs his girlfriend in public (video)


Earlier this week, a viral video of a new bleaching procedure surfaced online and it got Nigerians talking.

In the video of a lady was inside a tub filled with water-like substance; maybe bleaching chemicals, while her skin was being peeled by another lady, supposedly a skin expert.

The video triggered heavy backlashes and negative reactions from Nigerians who felt that ladies are beginning to take their quest for a ‘lighter’ skin to a whole new level.

The owner of the spa/beauty home has been revealed. Apparently she is displeased with Nigerians for the heavy backlash that came her way and that of her client after her procedure made it way online.

She lashed at other self acclaimed beauty expert and ladies sliding to her DM asking her for the secret behind the procedure. She threatened to expose them if they don’t delete themselves from her page.

Stressing further, she said her client wanted instant bleaching, which she sourced for and made sure she delivered it to her client as she wanted it. So she doesn’t get why she is being criticized.


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