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Marriage Is Not An Achievement – Blessing Okoro Says


Nigerian relationship coach and bedroom expert, Blessing Okoro has shared her opinion on marriage as she says it is not an achievement.

The entertainer has taken to her social media page to give her own definition of achievement and has said that marriage is not one of the listed items of achievement.

According to her, an achievement is anything done successfully or a skill that a person does for him or herself which makes an impact on the lives of other people. She emphasized that marriage is not part of the listed things of an achievement.

However, she described marriage as bringing a person into one’s life to help their lives privately and not publicly as many make it seems to be.

Sharing her photo, she captioned it, “Achievements ( a thing done successfully with skill, effort, or courage )is what you did for yourself that impacted others. Marriage is NOT an achievement it’s just a personal tick. Marriage is you bringing someone into ur life to help you not the public.
Your private lives. Achievements is an acquired skill that you can share with others”.


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