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Men Are Scarce, Nobody Is Asking Me Out Again – Pretty Lady Cries Out (VIDEO)


A young woman bemoaned the absence of guys and their interest in women in today’s society.

She used social media to raise awareness about the lack of guys in society today, especially those who are constantly eager to show kindness to women.

The attractive woman has started to question why men aren’t making advances toward her.

She also questioned the sudden cessation of men’s compliments and declarations of love for women.

Check out some reactions from Instagram users below:

moses_ehi1 wrote: “If a guy tell a girl hello na billing straight to say hello now to a girl is very expensive and no money because if una vote Peter obi next year things will be back to normal again.”

wf_pemisire wrote: “Make them tell you say you’re beautiful make you knack dem jago billing any little compliment to my gender na billing I just tire sef”

sugaboytv wrote; “Truth is hook up is now everywhere. Very beautiful and hot girls will be yours for the night with just 50k naira. So most boys no dey reason relationship again cos relationship itself can be too stressful

tammyspencer wrote; “Me na hook up I dea do abeg I no get power for relationship 😂😂😂 Na coz you no get money…. you know how many of us Dey cuppy Dm??😂😂😂 Because you are looking beautiful fit make I debit my account e no Dey credit guys 😂

paschalanyawu wrote; “Omo I stop dating broke girls cos after they came to my house and left na so heavy Billings go be the next. Can believe a uni gal ask me to get her queen size bed 🛌 and brand new gen 😂😂😂😂 omo na so I japa

Watch the video below;


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