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“Mule, they don’t give double promotion for abroad, you lied”- US-based fans drag Laide Bakare after saying her daughter’s school suggests she should graduate early because she’s brilliant than others


Nigerian actress Laide Bakare made a statement on social media that her daughter’s school in the United States had suggested she should graduate early due to her brilliance and exceptional academic performance.

She wrote:”Was invited to @simlineboss School by the school counselor, guess what? The school is suggesting she graduates early💪 Chai! This actually beats my imagination💃 💪🙏💃, at the same time, I feel graduating as junior is such a big deal. And I can’t be more prouder of this little genius 🕺🏻👌👏 👏👏👏 Took her straight to Bank for more investment. #proudmom #brainandbeauty”

However, this statement was met with criticism from some US-based fans who felt that the actress was making false claims and misleading the public.

One of the fans, known on social media as “Mule,” commented that schools in the US do not give “double promotions” for students.

Many fans stated that it was unlikely for a school to make such a suggestion. Some even accused Laide Bakare of using her daughter’s academic success as a publicity stunt and that she should take done the post

Despite the backlash, Laide Bakare remained firm in her statement and did not retract her comments. The debate on social media continued, with many expressing their opinions on the matter.

See the video and reactions below:

– Haha make una Dey rmbr some of us Dey US too and we gat kids..which sch will suggest early graduation thou..d ones wey get scholarship sef they never suggested early graduation..plus d sch don’t have d right .it will have to come from d district not even d sch thou

– Ok let me educate you b4 u mislead others. If you child transfer from a school that their curriculum is faster and she seems to have covered her curriculum she will be asked to graduate earlier because what is the essence of coming to school when you have done the expected and its registered in the United state.if thats the case and its likely to be ther case then stop misleading people. Which child wouldn’t like to graduate with his or her mate and wear the beautiful graduation gown with her friends.lets stop all this social media mislead.this is the case for my cousin that move from Minnesota to Virginia ane yes she graduated this month.madam laide abeg .kudo to u on your graduation

– Dj yk mule they don’t give double promotion for abroad you study according to your age chi every child is a genius in their area

– Stop deceiving ppl no one graduates earlier they can later but not double promotions that is been done in Nigeria. You go with your class. I live n have kids in d states also. Stop making others feel less important or so.

– Pls take this video off social media ma🙏what people do not know can never be ruined 😍❤️and 💡

– You mean the school invited you to say that to you? Lol I’m not a hater but you lied.

– Why do you like lying ..Like we don’t live in the US..Laide Oni ro

– Abeg o….those that has been to US…does school suggest that your kids graduate early without the parents asking for it? Just asking o….ibere o dija o

– Am not understanding!!! Graduate as a junior to college?


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