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“My Body Is My Body”- Man Caught [email protected] In Commercial Bus Beats Woman Who Filmed Him While He Was At It (VIDEO)


A man assaulted a lady in a moving commercial vehicle after he saw the lady filming him while he was secretly masturbating.


In a video shared online, the lady who was seated next to the man noticed that he was masturbating and loudly reprimanded him saying;

“You know you can stop what you’re doing and do it when you get home, you hear?”

Immediately, the man removed his hand from his shorts after the lady exposed him and later in their journey, the lady noticed the man was looking at her phone and warned him to stop and he attacked her.

When she accused her of masturbating in the bus, he replied;

“My body is my body. If I’m even doing anything, it’s none of your business.” 

Swipe to watch the videos and see reactions below;



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