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“My bride price is N100 Million” – Lady brag, warns broke men to stay away


A young lady has taken to social media to announce how expensive her bride price is and warned broke men to stay away.

She declared that her bride price is a whopping sum of a hundred million naira and if any man that wants her doesn’t have it, then he should stay away.


In her words:

“My bride price alone is 100 mill. If you don’t have it don’t come oo.”

She warned sternly while pulling her ears as a sign of seriousness that any man who didn’t have the hundred million naira should not come close to her family with the intent of asking for her hand in marriage.


Some netizens in the comments did not take her serious while some others said that if she continues in that path, she will be very old by the time she finally decides to get married.

See full video here:


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