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“My friends mocked me, but I don’t care”- Lady set to marry small-looking man says


A lady who is set to get married to a handsome, small-looking man has said she and her man are happy.

Kahboh Patience Fokong opened up on their relationship in an interview with Legit.ng after her TikTok video went massively viral.

Narrating how she met and fell in love with her husband named Kwoyela Derick Gwananji, the Cameroonian lady said they met in school where she was a student. Her man worked there too. Her words:

“I met my fiance in school where he was carrying out his services and I was a student at Government Teacher Training College Mbengwi.

My fiance approached me through a link in communication with my director at his office and then we exchanged contacts and began to communicate.

Yes, I faced a lot of challenges when my fiance expressed his intentions of getting married to me. I told my parents and they were all against it except my mum who stood by me and asked me to follow my heart. My friends mocked me, throw all sorts of slants and some of my family members.

Concerning the negative comments, it doesn’t hurt me because I have accepted my fate and so is my fiance. The more they throw negative slants, the higher the love because he is the greatest happiness that has happened in my life.”

I am engaged to him and our wedding is still coming up in April.”


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