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My Husband’s People Are Against Our Marriage Because Both Of Us Are Blind – Blind Lady Laments


A totally blind lady identified as Onyinyechi Chioma Ohaeri has narrated the challenges she faced before her marriage with Mr. ThankGod Ohaeri who is also partially blind.

Mr. and Mrs. ThankGod Ohaeri

Onyinyechi while speaking with BBC Pidgin in a video revealed that she is a graduate and works with the Ministry of Education in Anambara State despite her disability. She also narrated that when her husband proposed to marry her, his proposal was met with disapproval from his family who suggested that their son, ThankGod, needed someone who is better than him medically (that is someone with a good vision), so she can complement his disability.

However, all the attacks and disapproval didn’t put their efforts down and according to Onyinye, her mother-in-law later prayed over it and accepted them, prayed for them and blessed their union. Notwithstanding, her husband’s siblings and uncles are still against their union till date.

Speaking about her husband and their marital struggles, she disclosed that her husband who is a graduate from law school is currently searching for job. They have a child already and the blind mother is at the same time expecting their second child.

She explained that her disability doesn’t stop her from doing anything as she carries out all her house chores including cooking, washing, nursing her baby, cleaning the house and everything else a woman can does in her home.

Her husband who also spoke with newsmen of the BBC Pidgin explained that his own blindness is partial since he can walk to any length and find his way back but he cannot read whatever that is written in tiny letters like the Bible.


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