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Nigerian Army illegally sell and dispose seized oil products in Delta state – Legislator alleges


Delta state legislator, Hon. Francis Waive, has accused the Nigerian Army of illegal sale, disposal of seized oil products.

According to Hon. Waive, the Nigerian army personnel after apprehending bunkery culprits or oil thieves, seize their products, sell part of it and what is left are used to destroy and cause pollution in the Delta state environment.

He claims that this has led to pollution of their rivers and other water bodies, pollution of their land and vegetation and so they need to be called to order and asked to come fix all they have damaged.

He said;

“Why we agree that it is wrong to do bunkery and stealing of petroleum products, it is wrong it is bad and must be stopped. But what do soldiers do when they apprehend culprits is that they sell the ones that they can sell and then the remnant to appears as if they threw away everything, they threw away the refined products including the crude oil, on our lands and vegetation, in our rivers causing huge pollution to the land. ”

“Army authorities should call their personnel to order and stop this illegality and I’ve asked that not only should they stop this, they should go there and clean our environment, they should clean it up. Take away all those flood on our rivers, the oil that is floating on our rivers, take away all the contamination of our soil and take away those burnt vehicles and stop henceforth doing this.”

Watch the video below.


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