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“Nigerian Youths Deserve To Be Heard”- Atiku Abubakar Says As He Supports The Youth On The END SARS Protest


Former vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar has thrown his weight behind the youths of Nigeria about the rot and canker in the political system regarding their rights.

Atiku urged the youths of Nigeria to not give up in their fight against the federal government as they marked the one year anniversary of the END SARS protest.

Taking to his Twitter page, he intimated that it is the constitutional right of Nigerian youths that they are heard for their opinions and suggestions concerning nation building.

He wrote: Our youth mean well and deserve to be heard—it is their constitutional right and an essential component of democracy. On this day of the anniversary of protests for police reforms, I wish to restate the need for improved policing that protects the interest of the citizens.

It is an opportunity the country cannot afford to miss.

The post sparked some reactions from fans as they slid under his post to lambast him for his hypocrisy. Below are some comments.

@PreciousUwaezu5: I’m always unbais today i applaud you for standing with the youths and it’s a good step in a good direction. Alot of ppl say you or Northern president isn’t our problem i challenge you to change the narrative when you’re PRESIDENT cum 2023

@realvicky_luv: What is this??

@Ayamnic: You finally found your voice abi. Or maybe your son called your attention to it

@FS_Yusuf_: It is not an “anniversary protest” it’s #EndSARSMemorial! Call it what it is. Call the name. Put the hashtag. Wail it. Mention it. Be in the number. Let your tweet be among the counted. This is true solidarity! Share pictures of the dehumanisation, the assault, the injustice….

@Isidore0001: He can’t directly criticize or protest against Buhari, Why?

@O_Temiiii: We still won’t vote you distinguish Victory hand


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