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“No cash, No problem” – Nigerian lady dances with account number in hand at wedding, tells guests to make transfer


A Nigerian woman has caused a stir after she danced with her bank account details at a wedding.

Recently Nigerians have come up with creative solutions in response to economic challenges, such as the scarcity of cash and high fuel prices.

In a viral video, the woman, dressed in a beautiful pink gown, was mistaken for the bride by many. She was holding a piece of paper with her bank account number written on it.

At the wedding, due to a shortage of cash, guests were expected to make transfers instead of traditional cash gifts.

The woman was seen dancing alone with a large rectangular piece of paper in her hand, which she held like a fan. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the paper contained her bank account number. This was her way of asking guests to transfer funds if they did not bring cash.

The video generated many funny reactions from internet users, with many commenting on the bank the woman uses.

Watch the video below:


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