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“No one cares until something bad happens” Peter Okoye shares deep message


Award-winning singer, Peter Okoye of popular music duo Psquare, has shared a message with his millions of fans.

The father of two in a post on his Instagram page shared a food for thought on the importance of loving one’s life.

Peter Okoye pointed out how no one cares about you till something happens.

Opining that life isn’t balanced, he advised his fans to love themselves as they are all they’ve got.

“A Man died of hunger, but food was served in his funeral… When you’re less busy think about it.

This life no balance.
No one gives a damn until something happens…
You are all you’ve got. LoveUpYourLife”.

Stop blaming celebrities for not helping people, hold your government responsible” Peter Okoye tells Nigerians

Weeks back, Peter Okoye had a message for entitled Nigerians who were fond of blaming celebrities for their poor standard of living.

In an Instagram live session, the singer told them to direct their anger to the government and not celebrities, as they aren’t entitled to helping them.

Peter told them to stop looking for people to blame, and start holding the government responsible.

The father of two noted how those in power were sending their children overseas for medical treatment and quality education, yet Nigerians expect celebrities to build schools and hospitals for them.

Peter Okoye shares message on loving oneself


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