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No politician can influence who succeeds me – Ebonyi Governor, Umahi


Governor Umahi of Ebonyi State, has declared that no politician has the power to influence his successor in 2023 except God.

Umahi alleged that many politicians in the state have shun state functions but attend those organised outside the state in a bid to wield influence from outside the state and determine what happens in the area politically.

Umahi made the claim during a special thanksgiving service in Abakaliki, the state capital on Sunday where he described politicians as the most greedy and most ungrateful people created.

“Most of the politicians instead of being grateful to God for the positions they are currently occupying, they begin to scheme for another position immediately after they secure their positions,” he said.

He, however, disclosed that there would be immense prayers across the 13 local government areas of the state to enable God to choose the crop of leaders that would emerge after his regime so as to prevent the state from being plunged into back era of darkness.

Umahi said: “I will say that politicians are the most ungrateful people to God. When God has delivered you, the next move is to start looking for another post, it’s a very terrible thing.

“A lot of our people, when there is programme here they will not come but when there is programme outside the state, they will go there believing that the leadership of this state can be influenced from outside. We have come of age and nobody can influence the elective or appointive positions in this state from outside the state, it’s not possible.

“And all those people who are going to occultists or herbalists on this, as far as I came in the name of the Lord they will all be disgraced.

“The next crop of leaders will come from God in this state and we will begin serious prayers on this in all the local government areas. It is going to be a battle because the soul of this state is at stake. The light has come in Ebonyi State and nobody can quench the light.”


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