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Nollywood Actresses You Wouldn’t Believe Were Christians Before


Several Nollywood actresses have switched from Christianity to Islam. 

These actresses do it for a variety of reasons, and they’ve also assumed new identities in the process. We’ll be looking at the following Nollywood stresses:

1. Akindele Funke

After marrying Alhaji Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede, Funke Akindele converted to Islam. Because Oloyede is Muslim, Nikkai married Funke Akindele on May 24, 2012. Her new name was Khadijat.
2. Liz Da Silva,      
Popular actress Liz Da Silva was raised as a devout Christian until she allegedly fathered a child with an unidentified Muslim guy named Olaoye. After their son was born, Lizzie and her son both turned to Islam. She changed her name to Aishat once her son was born.
3. Lizzy Anjolin
Popular actress Elizabeth Anjorin, better known by her stage name Lizzy Anjorin, is a popular Nollywood actress. She was raised in a Christian household, as her name suggests, but she found solace in Islam.
She came forth in 2013 to declare firmly that she was a Muslim, and she visited Mecca for the Hajj shortly after. Her situation is peculiar since, according to her, her mother is a Muslim.
Sekinat and Aishat are her Muslim names, while Rufaidat is her daughter’s Muslim name.
4. Fathia Balogun
Popular Actress Fathia Balogun was raised in a Roman Catholic family. After accepting the teachings of cherubim and seraphim, she converted to Islam and acquired the Muslim name Fatia before marrying actor Said Balogun. The title of Islamic Sheikh belongs to Atesin Se Adinni.
5. Mercy Aigbe 
A mother of two who recently married a new partner is the second most recent addition to the list. In a private ceremony, Mercy Aigbe wedded Kazim Adeoti. Mercy has made a point of flaunting her new spouse, who is rumored to be married to another woman, since the wedding was revealed. Mercy Aigbe converted to Islam and adopted the Arabic name Minna, just like her husband.
6. Mo Bimpe
The wife of Nollywood celebrity Latif Dimeji converted to Islam after they married late last year. 
The actress was a devout Christian before marrying a Muslim actor who converted her to Islam. In a tweet where he professed love to his partner, Adedimeji disclosed her Muslim name as Rahmatullah.
7. Laide Bakare
Popular actress Laide Bakare was a devout Christian until she left her husband and started dating Alhaji Tunde Oriwo, also known as ATM. Ryder was compelled to convert to Islam after marrying him and becoming his second wife. Ryder has a gold tooth, which she proudly flaunts in public.


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